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Community Employment

Community Employment Supports

Community Employment Supports is a division of Sandco Industries and offers, at no cost to employers, job stabilization, career advancement, and job improvement supports.

What are Community Employment Supports?

These supports are available after an individual finds a job. These supports include a staff member to assist individuals with their abilities to get the most out of their career choices.

What Options Are Available?

Through our Community Employment Services Program We Offer:
  • Assisted Employment
  • Job Training
  • Follow-Up Support

Assisted Employment

Businesses can enter into an agreement with Sandco Industries / Community Employment Supports to perform jobs that are a valuable service to your company. We provide mobile janitorial work crews, limited grounds keeping, factory production, and kitchen services.

Job Training

Our Employment Specialists work on-site to train employees and add supervisory support in our Assisted Employment settings. Our individuals who are hired directly with a privately owned company can also take advantage of our job training options by utilizing our Employment Specialists.

Follow Up Support

Community Employment Supports continue to follow up with our employees who have been hired on as a permanent worker with your company. Sandco Industries will also follow up with you as their employer to ensure that they are performing their tasks to your satisfaction.

Employment First Initiative

The Employment First Initiative concentrates on removing barriers that exist in our system to support individuals with developmental disabilities to work in the community. Our employment services focus on “ability” versus “disability”. Partnerships, vision, and creativity are necessary to overcome perceived or real barriers to employment. Our program meets the needs of businesses seeking to employ entry level, skilled, and dependable workers.