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Sandco Workforce Solutions

The goal of Sandco Industries Workforce Solutions is to offer valuable vocational services to assist eligible individuals in becoming contributing and productive members of the workforce. Sandco helps individuals and employers meet their vocational goals.

What is Sandco Workforce Solutions?

Sandco Industries Workforce Solutions is a certified rehabilitation program provided by Sandco through the Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities Initiative. This program offers services to assist individuals who want to find employment.

Individuals We Work With:

Sandco Industries works with a wide variety of individuals with disabilities. We offer specific experience, training, and resources to individuals eligible through Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities.

How do I work with Sandco Industries?

If you are looking to work for Sandco please work with your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor/Coordinator (VRC) and identify the type of vocational services needed. Your VRC will make the initial contact with Sandco Industries.

How Can I Hire Sandco Workforce Solutions Participants?

Please call the Sandco Workforce Solutions Coordinator at 419.547-3273 ext. 300 and explain your employment opportunities and needs. We would be more than happy to discuss the available options.

Job Seeking Skills Training

At Sandco we teach individuals to successfully respond to job opportunities. Individuals learn how to; complete job applications, build a resume and cover letter, follow up with employers, handle difficult employment history and criminal convictions, and address accommodations needed for employment.

Job Development and Placement

This team approach allows Sandco staff and individuals to identify and contact potential employers. We assist individuals with job searches, provide job leads, build positive interview skills, and provide support with job searching via the internet, newspaper, job boards, and through business owners.

Job Coaching

Through one-on-one instruction with Sandco Industries individuals learn how to complete job tasks, develop natural and peer supports, and how to adjust to the work environment. Job coaching is a beneficial service that allows individuals to feel comfortable and succeed in the workplace.

Other Available Workforce Solution Programs

Career Exploration

Community Based Assessment

Job Retention / Follow Along

Personal Adjustment


Summer Youth Work Experience

Summer Youth Work Experience Program

This program places qualified young individuals ages 15-22 into positions at local companies up to 20 hours a week for up to five weeks, which includes job seeking skills training.

Summer Youth Career Exploration Program

This program serves individuals ages 14-22. This gives individuals the opportunities to explore different types of jobs and assists in discovering their likes and strengths in different types of employment.

Important Program Information

The summer programs typically run from June until August. The program is ran by the Sandco Workforce Solution Department which receives individual referrals from the Sandusky County Board of Development Disabilities’ Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors.