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Sandco’s Sweeties

Sandco's Sweeties

This project has received funding from The Sandusky County Communities Foundation Grant Program.

More information coming soon!

Sandusky County Communities Foundation

Job Seeking Skills Training

At Sandco we teach individuals to successfully respond to job opportunities. Individuals learn how to; complete job applications, build a resume and cover letter, follow up with employers, handle difficult employment history and criminal convictions, and address accommodations needed for employment.

Job Development and Placement

This team approach allows Sandco staff and individuals to identify and contact potential employers. We assist individuals with job searches, provide job leads, build positive interview skills, and provide support with job searching via the internet, newspaper, job boards, and through business owners.

Job Coaching

Through one-on-one instruction with Sandco Industries individuals learn how to complete job tasks, develop natural and peer supports, and how to adjust to the work environment. Job coaching is a beneficial service that allows individuals to feel comfortable and succeed in the workplace.